~The Big Return ~

Huh... It has been some time since I last wrote here ^^"

It seems like the Dark Cherry project is working at full speed :D
We have recorded the song Moster, and are working on the next song titled "You an I".
The Instrumental parts have already been put together, so it only leaves the vocal and the background vocals to be recorded.

We also made our debut at myspace and barartikor.com (the second one is most likely for those who understand hungarian)
Happy!! :D

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Post of a tired man

-*Looks at the monitor*-
-*shakes his head and goes back to sleep*-

-*20 minutes later wakes up to see the same....*-
there are still no words on the screen....
lets start writing

So, here I am, dieing in front of my comp...
I was participating in a liveRPG... I was a shinigami!!!
I was living in the woods with 5 other people for 3 days...
it was good, I enjoyed the game, but now I'm tired like hell T_T
and if this wasnt enough I had a quarel with one of my "bands" leader-chan (my sister, not real one though XD)
I'm thinking about leaving Noir Croissant, because no matter how u look at it, its not going anywhere...
I'm sorry for the others, but its not working...

in the meentime i'm practicing the new bands, DArk Cherrys songs
Dante sound sooooo good, its a joy to play on him :D
even if i have vesicles on the tips of two my fingers ^^"

I get some rest and go back to practice so BAI BAI :D
Se U next time
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New Post !!!

Yeah!!! This is the new post!!!
First, here is some info about me in the upcoming band Dark Cherry!!!!

Name: Kazuma
Position: Acoustic / Bass

Name of the instrument(s): 
Dante (bass: Johnson Baltimore Jazz Bass BJB2BK 17777)
Shirotsuki (acoustic: Stagg Model C546 Acoustic Guitar)
Birthday: 1988.11.27.
Blood type: B+
Height: 195 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Shoe size: 46/47
Ego: 7/10
Glasses: sunglasses (Yeah!!! ^^)
Favorite brand: Gibson XD
Favorite tobacco brand: I don't smoke XD
Favorite band: Akeboshi, Merry, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, X Japan, Dir en Grey, ...
(just too much to write down all of it.... )
Hobby: Music (listening), Writing (novels), Anime/Manga
Favourite saying: I'm hungry! / Life is like a manga. But d*mn, it looks so good XD / sh*t happens.
Role model: closest friends (imitating life +_+)
Life philosophy: Live your life as you want and help others to do the same
Noir Croissant (2006-)
meva (2007-)

after that some info on music:
I've started to work on a new track, I think one of my best projects so far!!!
It has a dynamic guitar-line to it with the good pairing of riffs and a fast bass-line :D
I want to finish it!!!

hm... what should I write about????
I don't have anything more to say, so I think this was it for today!
Thanks for reading (if someone is even reading this sh*t XD)


Next Post XD

I've startes to play with FLYFF!!!
I think its a cool game with all the flying stuff and its an MMORPG too :D

At the same time I started to write some monumental new song!!!
Its basically played on classic guitar, so I thought about doing a little miyavi-ish, but then I just picked up my own style again XD

I have graduated from high school with all As :D
So I'm going to get a new bassguitar XD
I'm soooooo happy!! :D


some older post XD

I watched Eureka Seven (E7 from now on) , the whole series in 3 days...
I can say, that it was perfect :D
It felt good to see, that dreems can become true, if you work for it hard :D  

<here was some shit, that even I didnt really understand after reading again XD>
<so I deleted it :P>
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... ze 3rd ...

well, yeah... I'm here again XD
I've watched 30 episodes of Eureka seven in 2 days (and some hours, but who counts ^ ^")
and I'm going to watch the remaining 20 today XD
it's gonna be rough (i can feel trough the monitor how much ou all wanna kill me XD)

so it's just that I decided to watch anime, rather than studying...
well it's not right, but certainly feels better XD

btw I fell in love with the 3rd OP :D
[there should have been a video here, but for some unknown reasons it didn't appear, so I'm just putting here a link]
here's the full version
Bivattchee is the best !!!
more, more... -*coughs up blood, and dies of starvation after music*-

... so I'm just neglecting my dutys as a f***ing student !!! (it felt sooooooooo good to say it this way -staff-)

I got new shoes :D
they're just like the old ones (same brand, same type, same color, same size) [<--it's like some lyrics XD]
it was a difficult situation....
me and my familly (from here on : we / us XD) whent to see if the shop where we bought the other pair of shoes (hmmm..... not good.. have to go back a little farther)...
okay... so we baought a pair of shoes around 4 months ago (maybe 5, but it doesn't really matter XD)... it started to fall into pieces after 2 months so we decided to bring it back to the shop where we bought it (we bought my other pair of shoes [ze old 1] there 2 years earlier, and I'm still using those...)
they said, they will try to repair it, but after nearly 2 two months passed, there were still no shoes (I mean repaired ones XD)
so they said at the shop, that we can choose some things for its price (i love to hear theese kind of things :D), so we  ended up buying a new pair of shoes, a new T-shirt, and a pair of OKLEY wristlets (?) (wtf is the word for 'csuklószorító' XD)...
then we watched Shrek 3 in the cinema, so I would say, it was a pretty good day XD


... teh 2nd post ...

well yeaahh, this is teh 2nd post indeed XD
I had a nice day today... I studied at home before I went to have lunch, then I started watching Eureka 7 when I got back home
it's quite awesome, I mean the flyboard thingy~
I want one too... XD

I went to SZMAK (SZegedi Manga és Anime Klub - Anime & Manga Club of Szeged) where I met with lots of friend (well the usual bunch.... :D)
Jun (Jigsaw) was there too :D

after that I went to practice medieval warfare (XD) - so to simply put it I had a quite good training with Hollószárny Lovagrend (literally - Crow-Wing Order [knighthood] )
I fought with my sensei and I won !!! :D YAAAYYYYY!!!
I got some material for my new sword (don't worry, not a real one ;D)
It resembles a boken (japanese style wooden practice sword), but its not original (it was made by one of my friends grandfather)
I named it Ramiel after the angel of hope :)
I also named my other sword today - the name I gave to it is Luciel (some name that looks like I made up XD)

After all this, I arrived home about 21 o'clock
I had dinner, and went straight under the shower after that
and now I'm here, writing this stuff :D

I think thats all... XD

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1st post so far...

How should I start?

I had this account for quite some time, but I haven't used it.
Yesterday I got the idea to start a journal just for fun... 
I was writing a new song I finished this morning. I find this one really good (even if I had written it...). Its a little like some depeche mode songs I like (talking about inspiration ^^")...

I have to study for my graduation exams, but I don't want to T_T
Why do I have to know about writers, when I want to study maths? XD
Well, I'm kind of a writer too, so I just have to go with it....
I'm going to die of boredom...

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